Official me2day Accounts

A list of official me2day accounts for various celebrities.

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Idol Siblings

A list of idols (and some non-idols) with siblings.

NOTE: Idols are generally extremely protective of their family’s privacy, so in many cases, the names of their siblings are unknown or there are no pictures of them.

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International Fan Forums (Female)

This tumblr takes no responsibility for the level of activity found at each forum. 

Many forums may be/are dead or have low activity; it is up to each individual to determine whether or not they would like to register an account and take part in activities hosted at the individual forums. 

For a list of International Fan Forums of Male Groups/Singers, please see here.

 For convenience sake, forums for mixed gender groups or fictional couples (i.e We Got Married) will be added to both lists simultaneously. 

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Left-Handed Celebrities

 A list of left-handed celebrities in South Korea.

An asterisk (*) denotes those celebrities who consider themselves to be ambidextrous.

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Female Idol Hobbies/Specialties

A list of hobbies and specialties of female idols.

Languages are not included in this list due to the fact we already have a list for idols who are multilingual.
This list is still in-progress and will have many more singers/actresses added in the near future.

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We Got Married Couples

A list of all former and current couples on the MBC real varity show We Got Married.

Male (name in hangul) + Female (name in hangul)
 (Episodes filmed)
Couple name
Reason for leaving (if applicable)

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Multi-lingual Singers

A list of all multi-lingual singers.

Korean is un-listed as it is an assumed fact that all Korean artists speak it as a first or second language.

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Female Celebrity Bloodtypes

A list of bloodtypes of various female idols.

If a member of an idol group is missing from the list, it’s because their bloodtype was not found.

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