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Kpop Lists
Kpop Lists is an external database of known and available information pertaining to Korean pop culture. We strive to become the ultimate stop for the answer to any question you may have.

Everything is organized into comprehensive, easy-to-read lists in order to absorb maximum information with minimum effort.

Please, if you notice any information that is incorrect, or know of anything that should be added, do not hesitate to send us a message through KPL’s ask box.

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Official Fan Clubs and Fan Colors

An extensive list of idol groups and their balloon colors and (if available) fanclub names.

Warning: this post is long.
If you’re looking for anything specific, it is highly suggested that you search (ctrl/cmd + F) for it.

Group/Singer’s name: Fan Club name / Official Fan Color

1TYM: Hip Hop Village / Black (towels/handkerchiefs) 

2AM: I AM / Metallic Grey

2NE1: Blackjacks (Korea); Blackjack Nolza (Japan) / Hot Pink (towels) 

2PM: Hottest / Metallic Grey

24K: 24U / None

4Minute: 4NIA / Pearl Violet (for all solo members)

8eight: Sweet Voice / None

100%: Perfection / None

AA (Double A): W / None

Ailee: Alien / None

A-JAX: A-Light / None

AOA: Elvis / None

A-Pink: Pink Panda / Pink

Apeace: Hana-one (Japan) / None

A-Prince: A-Land / None

AST’1: Eustice / Pearl Purple 

After School: Playgirlz/Boyz / Yellow

B1A4: Bana / Pastel Apple Lime

Baby V.O.X: Baby Angels / Pearl Baby Pink

Baby V.O.X Re.V: Second Wing / Pink

Baek Ji Young: None / Red

Bae Seul Gi: None / Red (heart-shaped balloons)

B.A.P: Baby / Spring Green [considered semi-official for the time being]

Battle: Battle Destiny / Pearl Gold

BEAST: B2UTY (Beauty) / Dark Grey 

Big Bang: V.I.P / NOTE: Big Bang has no official color. Instead V.I.Ps wave black and white handkerchiefs (in lieu of balloons) or yellow crown lightsticks

Big Star: Only One / None

BlackBeat: Soul Black / Pearl Black

Black Pearl: Pearl Black

Blady: Hi Ade / None

Block B: BBC (Block B Club) / Black and Yellow (stripes)

BoA: Jumping BoA (Korea); Soul (Japan)Pearl Yellow

Boyfriend: Best Friend / None

Boys Republic: Royal Family / None

BPPOP: Sweet Pop / None

Brave Girls: FEARLESS / None 

Brown Eyed Girls: Everlasting / Yellow and Black

BTOB: Melody / Slow Blue

Bulletproof Boyscouts: A.R.M.Y / None

Buzz: Buzz’s Happy People / Blue (lightsticks) 

Byul: None / Purple 

C-Clown: Crown / Pearl Forrest Green

Chakra: Goddess / Purple (all solo members included) 

Chae Yeon: None / Apricot

ChAOs: chaoNYX / None

CHI-CHI: Shy Girl/Boy / None

Chocolat: Chocolatier / None

Click B: NIZI / Green 

C.N. Blue: Boice / Blue

Code-V: V-intage / None

Crayon Pop: None / Apple Green // NOTE: Crayon Pop has no official fanname; instead older male fans are referred to as Popjusshi and female fans are called Popgirl.

C-REAL: C-REALing / None

DalShabet: Darling / None

Davichi: Girls High / None

Diva: None / Pearl Purple 

DMTN: Dalmate / None

Dragon N Tiger (DNT): DAY / Chocolate 

D-Unit: Unique / None

Electroboyz: Teamelectro / None

Epik High: High Skool / Black

Eru: Hi Eru / Pearl Green 

Eun Ji Won: G-CREW / Silver

e.via [Tymee]: e.Vil / Pink and Black

EvoL: Vollers / None

EXID: L.E.G.O / None

EXO: EXO-L / None

F.Cuz: For U / Twinkle Light Silver

FIESTAR: Let★s / None

Fin.K.L: Pinky / Pearl Red 

F.I.X: Polaris / None

Fly to the Sky: Fly High / Sky Blue 

F.T Island: Primadonna / Yellow (Pentastick) 

f(x): None / Pearl Light Periwinkle [considered semi-official for the time being]

Gavy NJ: Happiness / None

Girls Day: DAI5Y / None

Girls Generation: S♥ne (Sone, pronounced So-won)Pastel Rose Pink (heart shaped balloons) 

g.o.d: Fan god / Sky Blue 

Gong Yoo: Yoo & I / None

G.NA: G.NI / Pink

GP Basic: Spade / Purple

Hello Venus: Hello Cupid / Lime Green

HISTORY: Storia / None

H.O.T: Club H.O.T (fans referred to as White Angels)White (all solo members included) 
   └ Kangta: Club K.I.T 
   └ Lee Jaewon: Lee Style
   └ Moon Hee Jun: Club H.I.T (former); JUNIST (current) 
   └ Tony: From Tony
   └ Jang Woohyuk: Woohyuk 35

Hyori: HyoRish / Red

Infinite: Inspirit / Metal Gold Pearl

Isak N Jiyeon: Pearl Wine 

I The Tri-Tops: TriStar / None


Ivy: Ivynus / Lime Green 

Jang Nara: Fly [Nara] Love / Pearl Blue 

Jaurim: Hee Hee NakRock / None

Jay Park: Jaywalkerz / Black and Yellow

Jewelry: Jewel Box / Blue 

JinuSean: None / Red 

JJ Project: JOYOUS / None

Jo Sung Mo: Sungmo Maria / Transparent

jtL: From JTL / White

Juniel: Banila / None

J-Walk: Police / Yellow 

JYJ: None / Pearl Red

KARA: Kamilia / Pearl Peach

KCM: None / Pearl Emerald Green 

Kim Jong Kook: Papitus / None

KINO: Leaf / None

Koyote: Little Sun / Pearl Blue

K-pop: K-popcon / Pearl Peach 

Ladies Code: Lavely / None

LC9: Love Beat / None

LED Apple: L.E.D.A / Pearl Teal

Lee Jung Hyun: Feel2ya / Gold

Lee Seunggi: Airen / Pearl Mint

Lee Soo Young: Crystal / Pink 

LeeU: Syndrome (Japan) / None

Lunafly: Lukie / None

MBLAQ: A+ / Pearl Chocolate

MC Mong: Dream-kids / Pearl Peach 

MC The MAX: None / Ivory

M.I.B: Buster / None

M.I.L.K: Milky Way / Pink 

miss A: Say A / none

Monster: None / Black

M.Peror: Kingdom / None

MR.MR: Miso / None

MYNAME: MYgirl / None

Nine Muses: Mine / None

NRG: Cheonjae Ilwoo / Pink 

N:SONIC: Supersonic / None

N-Train: Eternal / None

NU’EST: L.O.Λ.E (pronounced Love) / Neon Pink

One Way: One Love / None 

Papaya: None / Pink 

Paran: Blue Ciel / Pearl Sapphire Sky Blue 

Park Hyo Shin: Soul Tree / Green

PSY: PSYcho / Black

Rain: Clouds / Silver 

Rainbow: Rain-nous / 7-colored rainbow

RaNia: A1ST (pronounced A-First) / None

S#arp: None / Red

SE7EN: Lucky 7 / Lime Green (7-shaped glowsticks) 

Sechskies: DSF (Dear Seichskies Friend) / Yellow 

Secret: SECRETTIME / White

SeeYa: SeeYa With You / Pearl Light Pink

Seo Taiji: None / Yellow (hankerchiefs) 

S.E.S: Friend / Pearl Purple (all solo members included) 

SG Wannabe:  Love Room / Pearl Gold

SHE’Z: Holic / None

SHINee: SHINee World (Shawol) / Pearl Aqua Green

Shinhwa: Shinhwa Changjo / Orange (all solo members included)

Shinvi: Linos / Pearl Teal

SHU-I: SHU-EYES / Purple 

SISTAR: STAR1 (pronounced Style)Fuchsia 


Son Dambi: DBLV / None


SPICA: Mercury / None

SS501: Triple S (Korea), Triple S Japan / Pearl Light Green (all solo members included)
   └ Hyungjoon: Jjunaway
   └ Hyunjoong: Henecia
   └ Jungmin: Family (Japan)
   └ Kyujong: ThanKyu
   └ Youngsaeng: Y.E.S (Youngsaeng’s Eternal Supporters)

STORM: None / Pearl Chocolate 

Sugar: Sugar Island / Apricot 

Sung Si Kyung: Purple Ocean / Dark Purple 

Sunny Hill: H:LLËR / Sunshine Yellow

Super Junior: E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friend) / Pearl Sapphire Blue 
   └ Heechul: Petals (also referred to as Undeads by Heechul)
   └ Henry: Strings
   └ Zhou Mi: Mitangs (Honeys)

Supernova: Stardust (Korea), Milky Way (Japan) / Pearl

TAHITI: None / Black Pearl 

Take: TAKEzone / Red (heart-shaped balloons)

T-ARA: QUEEN’S (Korea), Sweet Treasure (Japan) / Pearl Ivory

Tasty: 2wings / None

TEEN TOP: Angel / Pearl Light Lavender

Tei: Tenia / Pearl Blue

The BOSS: MASTER / Pearl Terracotta

The Grace: Shapley / Pearl Pink
   └ Dana: DANA 4 U / Pastel Pink

Tim: Pearl Sapphire Blue 


T-Max: Mighty Max / Pearl Midnight Blue

TRAX: TRAXIAN / Pearl Cobalt Blue 

TVXQ: Cassiopeia (Korea); Bigeast (Japan) / Pearl Red

Two-X: Doubling / None

U-KISS: Kiss Me / Pearl Fuchsia

UN: UN-i / Pearl Fushia 


V.O.S: Soulmate / Pearl Burgundy

Wonder Girls: Wonderfuls / Pearl Burgundy

Yoo Seungjoon: West Side / Red

Younha: YounHapia / Light Pink 

ZE:A: ZE:A Style (ZE:A’S) / Jade Green

Zhang Li Yin: Chocolate / Metal Pearl Light Gold 

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