Anonymous sent: "hey, i really like the work you do on your blog, but i was wondering... why is exo's chen's religion labeled as salad and sehuns labeled as bread?"

same reason sunggyu’s is lettuce 

kpopluver13 sent: "Ypu guys are really amazing! This blog is so wonderful, you hace bout everything listed! :o Keep up the amazing work, you are all amazing and awesome people ^_^"

dennyizhere sent: "I'm sorry if this was asked before, but have you guys ever considered to do a list of product identification/ fashion blogs (ie. coordinuna, kworldstyle, etc.)?"

No, not really tbh. We try to focus more on idols themselves or things that are relevant to the fandom as a whole

jillwandersen sent: "I came by to look something up, and just wanted to say thank you for all the work you put into this. It's my first go-to for information. You guys are awesome."

Anonymous sent: "Cuando ba a bolver un grupo k pop a puerto rico"

Anonymous sent: "list of avocado varieties and idols that like the good ones thanks"

avocados are literally disgusting and will not be tolerated here

Anonymous sent: "Hello there! I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your hard work... Thank you so much! :)"

yxxngx sent: "you are so fab omg your answers are daebak ^^ continue being sassy ;)"

Anonymous sent: "roses are red violets are blue, sugar is sweet ohfuq u got the flu have a tissue don't go achoo i hate green eggs and ham what is rhyming"

Anonymous sent: "Songs of SHINee"

as in discog? mayb one day. we’ll see.