Anonymous sent: "So about how many people do you guys have working on the website and fulfilling requests for lists?"

Anonymous sent: "So I was curious, what do you like about Gyuri?"

jeez, anon that’s like asking the pope why he likes god so much

Anonymous sent: "what happened to the girl group that was supposed to debut- the gloss?? Is Rainia still going to make a debut in the US? Thank you"

I’m not really sure what’s happening with The Gloss. The last time I checked in on them they were preparing for their debut in…June? after losing a member but I’m not sure if the song/MV was ever released.

As for Rania, as far as I know their American debut hasn’t been brought up since it was first announced. 

Anonymous sent: "Then where do the gifts go to if not to the idols?"

sometimes they get thrown away, sometimes they get given to the staff, or they just don’t make it

Anonymous sent: "Hello! I have a present ready to send to one of my favorite members/group and the address at hand. What I wanted to know do you think they will receive the present? Because I've been hearing a lot about international gifts not getting to the hands of the members. Thanks~"

it’s true that a lot of international fan gifts do not get handed off to the members. best results are knowing someone in korea who can actually hand off the gift themselves, because then you know for a fact that the idol received it.

theninno95me replied to your post “theninno95me said: Oh, sorry. I wasn’t going to be rude. I like you…”

Copied? Really? But your list is much more poor.

wow the hits just keep on coming

i’m gonna go ahead and put an end to this by saying that that list isn’t a high priority and when i do finally get a change to update, my attention will be focused  on our more popular lists first. the enlistment one doesn’t get as much traffic as some of our others, so it’s bottom of the queue.

theninno95me said: Oh, sorry. I wasn’t going to be rude. I like you blog. But just this list needs more your attention. Can I offer you this link?…

well this is awkward because they copied us…

rominogrobis sent: "Hi! I don't believe I saw this on here before, and I apologize if it's already been suggested. What about flopped groups, or unsuccessful debuts? Thanks for your wonderful blog, and cheers!"

that’s something that’s subjective and therefore w wouldn’t really be able to make a list of that

monagusta sent: "you are sassy!! :D this blog is daebak!!"

monagusta sent: "thoughts about Yang Yoseob of beast??"

idk her