Anonymous sent: "plot twist: jaeho"

Anonymous sent: "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"

marktuanoppa sent: "Hi! I was looking at the group name meanings list and for B1A4, it also stands for their blood types!"

that isn’t a meaning, but more of the reasoning behind it. it means be the 1 for the all

diaryofaglambert sent: "you know instagram of Korean actors?"

Anonymous sent: "idk what i enjoy more, ellie's absolutely adorable happy posts when yunjae is mentioned, or everyone else raining on the yunjae parade esp when kaisoo is thrown at it :')"

idk what a yunjae is but yes to kaisoo


Anonymous sent: "Hi, how many admins are there in this blog? Do you accept a new admin to help out?"

there are 4 atm, if you go to our about page there is a lil info on each admin. we aren’t currently looking for anyone new; afaik all of us were friends with ellie before joining the team, so i assume if we ever need help in the future it’ll probably be people we know personally.

risely-evan replied to your post “yunjae. we need a yunjae list. all yunjae. because yunjae.”

footagenotfound.jpg tho

Anonymous sent: "yunjae. we need a yunjae list. all yunjae. because yunjae."

*jumps through window*

*rips off shirt*

*runs down the street*


Anonymous sent: "i've been going through your blog and rn i'm laughing at the amount of times u guys start a reply with "no." idk why but that's rly funny to me also keep up the good work ♥♥♥ thank u for this blog it's like heaven"

Anonymous sent: "Hello, could you please link me to your kpop idol siblings lists since im on my phone and cant get on the computer? :)"