Anonymous sent: "this is the anon that asked about Hyuk's bloodtype. Hyuk. a member of VIXX. The maknae. Most websites say he is bloodtype O not B."

ty anon, i will investigate.

Anonymous sent: "For the Idols as Actors: VIXX Members should be added soon, N for Hotel King (Started 5th of April this year), Hongbin for Glorious Day (once it starts), Leo for Full House Musical (First performance was 13th April?). Oh and Key played in more musicals now such as Bonnie & Clyde and 3 Musketeers."

key is already listed, but i will add vixx when those shows are completed. ty for sending this in.

Anonymous sent: "I'm sorry, I believe everyone has their own opinion on people and situations, but I don't get your hate towards EYK. The fact that they haven't learnt Korean doesn't mean much. Martina even stated that she has problems learning languages. As for customs, I don't even know everything about my own country. How can you expect everyone to learn everything about someone else's country? I respect your opinion, but some of the things you've stated are a bit too harsh."

i honestly don’t care if you don’t get it. you don’t have to get it. we have stated our opinion on them and given links to people who can explain further. we’re not going to waste anyone’s time and continue explaining if you (or any other anons) don’t understand by now. eyk will never feature on this blog, end of story.

sonicphotonic sent: "Could you please describe your perfect Sunday"

I finally get a reply from K-Much on twitter and my boss doesn’t call me into work :’)

Anonymous sent: "just like what admin said, we can't stop anyone from liking or disliking eyk (or any other thing), so let's just stop the fighting already. everyone has their own opinions"

Anonymous sent: "I feel like you guys deal with so many strange and ignorant people on like a minute-ly basis and jeez idk why everyone chose you out of all the kpop blogs on this website to have their dumb arguments but good on you for dealing with that"

lmaoo i love our followers ok ♥

at least this is somewhat of a civil discussion, though? in the past there was a huge issue between myself and someone else over whether or not apricot was an orange color and i ended up being called a cunt for it so :T

About “Socianimals”:
Socianimals (Socialite+Animals)  are pets who belong for the most part to people in the industry. These pets are actually more famous than their owners since their owners tend to work behind the cameras. This category was added for clarity because these animals are often mistaken as belonging to idols.

So in short, Spudgy and Meemers would not belong on the list regardless because they are not more famous than their owners nor are they mistaken as belonging to anyone else.

Anonymous sent: "um, anon, where have you been for the discussion of how making fun of dark-skinned idols for their skin IS A HUUUGGEEE HUGE PROBLEM??? people are ABSOLUTELY calling out their idols on this shit. it's called colorism/shadism and it's NOT GOOD. and tbh, how long have eyk been in korea? years and years. they've had time to fucking learn. and they had their whole lives in canada before that to learn not to be anti-black and slut-shamey. they don't have any excuses."

missezri sent: "EYK can be a good way into the kpop world. The more you watch their videos however, you realize how little they actually know about Kpop and the individual fandoms. I doubt they know how to actually attend a music show and the work it involves to get into one as a fan. As a Canadian, I apologize."

I haven’t been responding to these for a reason, but I think you just hit on a big reason why I have very little respect for them as entertainers. There are people who run blogs doing what they do who have a much greater understanding of the people who support them—in large part because they’re part of Kpop fandom as a whole and various other specific fandoms.

EYK became what they are now because their How To Dance Kpop videos became popular—and they branched off from that. They originally had very little knowledge of how fandoms work and don’t appear to have made any efforts to learn. They wouldn’t be where they are now if not for the collective support of various Kpop fandoms and the idea that, even for groups they themselves claim to be fans of, the two of them know nothing of why fans act the way the do is upsetting. It makes them seem opportunistic, like they have no interest in Kpop or fandom and they only continue to do what they do because it’s how they’re making money. 

parktuan sent: "I feel like Tvxq+ JYJ is so underrated these days, they will always be my favorite band though and I will wait for them to be five again❤️"

ia :c

nowadays, it’s all exos and vixxs and infinites and the dongbangs are just those weird old guys that never make any music and hold all the unbreakable records :(