monagusta sent: "you are sassy!! :D this blog is daebak!!"

monagusta sent: "thoughts about Yang Yoseob of beast??"

idk her

theninno95me sent: "Your list "Enlisted Celebrities" is absolutly wrong. Update it."

how about you chill for a sec k

theres no need to be rude, it’ll get done eventually

Anonymous sent: "A list with all the shows that snsd has ever appeared in - both as a guest and just a short cut ? (i know it's a looooooot!!)"

we don’t do group centric lists unless its a discography so that’s a no

gyuri sent: "i just puked in my mouth"

you have every right to be disgusted, kind patron of kpoplists

gyuri sent: "you know what else is immature? lee and kris wu. fuckin fite me"

Anonymous sent: "dear admin, this is your blog so its your choice what you put on it, but purposely choosing not to put kris on it with the exo stuff is extremely immature. By doing this you're showing that you're obviously not a true exo fan"

you sent this right as i was writing my text post so i’m just going to ignore the bulk of your message because it’s been addressed and, tbqh, i’m not in the mood to open up that whole can of worms

but i’d just like to point out that none of us ever claimed to be exo stans in the least, much less “true” exo stans. your assumption is your own.

RE: Kris

It is Kpop Lists’ policy, and has been for a while, that former members of groups are removed from all lists until they either redebut in a new group or pursue activities as a soloist in Korea.

Admittedly Kris’ removal was premature because his dispute with SM Entertainment isn’t over and so technically he is still considered an inactive member (ā la Super Junior’s Kibum, f(x)’s Sulli, or the members of JYJ until their lawsuit was finalized). His removal from our lists was carried out by a different admin than me so I wasn’t fully aware of how thorough she’d been with it.

He has been added back to the List of Group Members but will remain missing from all of our others for the time being. Should he resolve his contract issues and rejoin EXO as an active member he will be completely reintegrated into KPL, but for the time being our lists will remain as is.

Sorry for the confusion,
— Ellie

Anonymous sent: "gg"

thanks anon, gg to you too :)

lullabydreams2345 sent: "I've been backtracking thru recent posts and I haven't seen this asked yet, so maybe making a list all who has done the ice bucket challenge?"

probably not